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1. Pre-sale services: 
When a good client's advisors and assistants, so that each user's access to lucrative investment returns. 
(1) device model choice. 
(2) According to customer's special requirements, design and manufacture products.
(3) customer training technical personnel. 
(4) to provide new, unique, hard to construction and identify suitable technical advice or construction programs. 
2. Sale of services: 
Respect for the customer; to the customer an ease, an ease, a pleasant surprise; 
committed to improving the customer's overall value.
(1) The warranty period home delivery. 
(2) the product pre-acceptance.
(3) to the customer service system introduced Maezawa. 
3. Service:
The overall increase customer value, so that customers worry-free.
(1) assist users in developing the first construction scheme.
(2) equipment installation.
(3) on-site training of operational staff. 
(4) Regular inspection equipment.
(5) Fast active, on-site row it is.
(6) Warranty Parts home delivery. 
(7) of key projects, follow-up service.
(8) actively look for potential users are not satisfied, complaining resource.
(9) to provide exceptional value.
(10) to provide technical exchange opportunities. 
(11) to carry out major items of repair operations.