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Valve pre-installation Visual inspection
1.    Before mounting, the valve figure number,specifications and quantity of flanges and bolts should be checked according to the design, and to review product certification and experimental records.
2.    Valve parts, there shall be no defects such as cracks, pores, airbubble or misrun, sealing the surface without any defects, finish and fit to meet the requirements.
3.    Valve operating mechanism and rotational devices should make the necessary adjustments so that movements are flexible, indicating that accurate.
4.    Check whether the packing materials is compacted, should guarantee the sealing of the packing materials without hindering normal work of push rod.
5.    Plug valve should be positioned on tags, and the full on to full off should be restricted in the 900 range of rotation. Threaded on both ends, such as go-core door cock on its axis should be at the same centre line, thread the crooked cock shall not be used.