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Ball valves Prospect of development
Ball valves has found wide application not only in general industrial pipe, but also in the nuclear industry and the aerospace industry. 
We can expect that ball valve will be greater developed in the following areas. 
 1. The seal material. PTFE (F-4) as a valve sealing material has nearly 30 years of history, it will surely be further improved in the production process, physical properties and heat resistance. Low friction coefficient of metallic or non-metallic sealing materials with high degree of corrosion resistance,temperature resistance,wear resistance will continue to be developed. 
 2. Special structure of some special-purpose ball valve continue to appear. The main purpose is to improve reliability ,life and processing technology. Resilient seated ball valves will be further developed. 
 3. Plastic ball valves may have a very large development. With the development of new plastic applications, architecture and technology will make the plastic ball valve has further expansion in sizes, operating temperature and pressure range. 
 4.Requirements for pipeline ball valves will increase ceaselessly along with the improvement in remote control, automatic control, reliability and life aspects. Also ball valve will develop from pipelines for oil (gas) to slurry or solid medium.